In a continent filled with variety of ski options, Bansko is distinguished by its great value, excellent facilities and cheerful atmosphere. Once a small urban town, it has developed into a modern holiday snow sport destination that attracts people all over the world for its great skiing and snowboarding conditions, breathtaking nature sights and traditional spirit of the old town that has been genuinely preserved through the centuries.

               Location and Getting There

The winter resort of Bansko is situated in South Western Bulgaria at about 160km from the capital of Sofia. It lies on the two banks of the Glazne river at the foot of the Pirin mountain, right bellow the highest part of it. The town is located approximately 927m above the sea level while the ski areas are at an altitude of between 2000-2600m.

Getting to Bansko is very easy! The nearest airport is at the capital of Sofia which offers plenty of flights during the week. From there you need to continue your journey by either a car or a bus which we can arrange for your convenience. Need additional information? Write to us here!

               History and Development

The good location and wonderful nature of Bansko brought inhabitants to the region since ancient times. Numerous archaeological sites in the community reveal ruins of ancient strongholds, Thracian funeral mounds, churches from the late Medieval ages. The first document pointing Bansko as a village comes from a Turkish register in 1576 but when it was firstly founded is still biased. Legends point out that it might have been inhabitant of the blinded army of Tsar Samuil and others claim that it was founded by an italian painter under the name of Ciociolino, hence the existence of the name Chucholin in Bansko. Up until the 18-th century local people were mostly cattle-breeders and artisans, relying on the vast grazing pastures and deep forests. But during the Bulgarian Revival Bansko already transformed into a trade and craft based town with many fulling mills, water mills and lumber mills along river Glazne.

                    Ski Area and Terrain

With over 70km of excellent piste network, the area is suitable for both intermediate and beginner skiers and boarders. They are easily accessible by a vast chain of modern lift facilities. When the snow is plentiful (as it generally is between mid December and March) there are some good off-piste options for the more advanced; and even when it’s not, more than 90% of the runs are equipped with snow-making facilities when the weather conditions are warmer than expected in order to ensure smooth and reliable snow tracks.

If you are a beginner and would like to take classes, the school offers ski and snowboarding training for all intricacy levels to ensure an amazing winter experience for both adults and kids over the age of 6. Make sure you check out our special offers and ski packages where you can find the best deals beforehand.


Apart from the reputation of a winter sport resort, Bansko is highly recognised for its fun and vibrant nightlife that suits a large number of different tastes. Authentic restaurants also known as 'mehana' with plentiful of wine and traditional food, cozy bars and exciting clubs are flourishing everywhere in the town of Bansko to ensure you have an amazing time not only during the day, but during the night.

                     Other things to do

In addition to skiing and pub-crawling in the local taverns of Bansko, there are number of excursions to nearby sites of interest, such as the Rila Monastery where you can explore the real beauty of Bulgaria. As travelling should be more than just a hotel run, to explore the real spirit of Bulgaria, we have a variety of activities to suit all interests. Head back to our Excursion and Activities sections to find out what would be the best for you!

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Best Season:December, January, February, March

Top Things to do in Bansko

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