Sozopol is a place where the old, authentic atmosphere meets the new, modern feel of a summer destination. There is so much to offer for any visitor, especially those with an affinity for romantic landscapes, a star-filled sky and an artistic environment.It is known as one of the oldest town in Bulgaria. It has been established in 610 BC as a Hellenic colony of Miletus Greeks named Apollonia Pontica.  The urban structure has been built during the centuries and reveals the stages of development of the human civilization, bears the marks of inherited cultural layers and continuity and turns Sozopol into a real museum town.

Present-day Sozopol is the business card of the Bulgarian marine tourism. Due to its impressive architecture and archaeology, diverse cultural programme, excellent hotel facilities and modern tourist infrastructure, the town welcomes hundred thousands of tourists each year.

Also, Sozopol was nominated best European destination for 2017 by the European Best Destinations organization. This was announced during the award ceremony for the “In Love with the Wind” castle, which this year was ranked fourth among Europe’s most beautiful castles by the same organization.

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Best Season:May, June, July, August, September

Things to do in Sozopol

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