Travel Information


As a rule in international tourism is that you can check in at your accommodation from 14.00h. This obviously depends on the room occupancy and may therefore be either earlier or later than 14:00. To check-in, you need your passport / ID card and the accommodation voucher.

We recommend to leave your room key at the front desk at the reception accommodation when you leave your room.


Take advantage of it for your peace of mind as the hotel can take NO responsibility; charged locally at a daily rate.


Going out :

Please avoid walking in poorly lit areas or beaches, and whenever possible never walk home alone. Be aware that alcohol and drugs can lead you being less alert, less in control and less aware of your environment. Consider very carefully whether you should leave the club or event with someone you have just met.

Money and Personal Belongings :

Where available, please place all valuables in a safety deposit box. Avoid carrying too much money or wearing excess jewelry when you are out and about and keep all valuables close to you all times. Ensure that wallets and purses are not easily accessible.

Lost or Stolen :

If you lose anything or have something stolen you will need a police report to claim on your insurance or to replace your passport. Obtaining a police report in Bulgaria can be a slow and tortuous process. Be patient and ask for help from your tour rep.

Habits :
Be careful when nodding to mean ``yes`` and shaking your head when you mean ``no`` in Bulgaria-Bulgarians do it the opposite way! However, if they know they are speaking with a foreigner, they may accomodate by reversing the motions. Just be sure that it's clear what set of standards they are using (and which they think you are using!) when conducting everyday transactions. You don't want to agree to something you would rather refuse.


The local currency is Bulgarian lev, consisting of 100 stotinki. Exchange ONLY at CROWN bureaus, resort banks and your properties(where available). NEVER exchange money with strangers on the streets OR at small exchange kiosks !

ATMs are available throughout the resort. Credit and debit cards are NOT widely accepted in shops and restaurants.

Banks are open Monday / Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 pm.

If you want to withdraw in money at the bank then you need your ID or passport.

The bureaus of CROWN are open from 9:00 to 23:00 pm (high season ) , during weekends and holidays .


Information about departure may be found on notice boards/books.

Since your room should be prepared for the next guests , the international rule of tourism is that the room must be vacated by 12:00 . If you want to leave the room later, ask at the reception one day in advance. Usually you have to pay extra for keeping the room longer.

Do not forget to empty the safe if you hired one the hotel
Make sure that you have paid your bills one day before departure
Remember to give key or magnetic card back at the reception before departure.
Please make sure that you have taken the passport / identity card and ticket, also if you have medicines and / or baby food.
Please be ready 30 minutes before the time stated in the information book and place.

On behalf of Avatar Tour thank you that you have booked your holiday with us. We hope to see you again here on the Black Sea coast or one of our many other holiday destinations !

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