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Sapareva Banya Mineral Water

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The Sapareva banya mineral water and its occurrence are one of the brightest and impressive phenomenon of Hydrothermal panorama of Rila-Rhodope massif It has the following qualities:

– great depth of formation and circulation;
– very high temperature (100 – 115°C) and thermal capacity;
– high contents of sulphite sulphur,  silica, fluoride and other biologically active substances;
– expressed healing impact and effects in wide range of diseases;
– great opportunities and perspectives for use in curative, recreational and cognitional tourism; formidable utilization of geothermal energy for heating the health resorts, greenhouses, farms of aquacultures and otherneeds of mankind.

Separeva mineral water banya is slightly mineralized, hydro-sulphate, sodium, fluorine, silicon and sulphide. It is a clear, colorless, odor of hydrogen sulphide. Temperature at its source is 103 ° C. Especially useful for the treatment of disorders of the locomotor system, the peripheral nervous system, damage to the central nervous system, gynecological disease, acute or chronic poisoning by heavy metal salts, diseases of the skin, upper respiratory tract and the like. The literal translation from Sanus Per Aquam, SPA means health through water. It is the main source of life and the elixir that refreshes, invigorates, rejuvenates and heals. Water cleans the body from toxins, increases the oxygen, accelerates blood circulation and makes skin siyaina and shiny. Visitors can relax and regain energy through visits to Finnish sauna, steam bath, shock bucket. Geyser of Sapareva banya –the pride of the Balkans Sapareva banya is a small town at the northern foot of Rila Mountain, which is unlikely many people have heard. The village is famous for its spa tourism from antiquity because of the many spas on its territory. Most – the old name of a settlement is Germanea, which according to one of the sources come from the language of the Thracians – “Germany” – “hot”. The composition of mineral water is sulfur, with significant levels of iron, calcium and manganese, which the medics are useful for treating diseases associated with: the peripheral nervous system, upper respiratory tract, bones and skin.

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